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hours. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for . you're watching the station that works for you, now, good morning maryland. it's worse than originallythought a salmonella outbreak has forced the maker of the product to recall 76 types of peanut butter and different products. details straight ahead. putting the pedal to the metal. early this morning amtrak trains are going faster than ever before. the o's split a double-header. are there chances of catching the yankees waning. we have reaction from the yard. those stories straight ahead. thaisks for -- thanks for joining us. charley crowson is out live at camden yards.
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>> good morning. >> hey, megan good morning. you mentioned the split of the double-header yesterday. it was a 4-1 win on the twilight side and 9-5 loss on the night side for the o's splitting with toronto. yankees didn't play so they lose a half game in the al east but have a lead in the wild card race. we will hear from fans throughout the course of the morning on good morning maryland and we are live at camden yards. now back to the studio with a check of the forecast with lynette. >> good morning, charley and everyone. check out what's going on this morning. if you haven't stepped out the door, take the jacket once again. we are dealing with very chilly temperatures. look at the 46 in glen elk and 51 ijamsville. jessup at 46. looking at what's happening for winds this morning not a whole lot. we are calm but the winds will be out of the south today helping to warm temperatures up going into the afternoon. but for right now, maryland's most powerful radar is dry with all five sweeps on. it will stay that way through today but we will have changes
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in the forecast. i will talk about that coming up but before lunchtime the temperature at 72 degrees and we will have a sun cloud mix. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. if you are using the jfx into the city, there are no delays right now from 695 all the way downtown to east fayette street. that stretch altogether will take you 11 minutes. and everything will remain up to speed through the fort mchenry tunnel as well as harbor tunnel. and for those of you use 695, let's look live outside. here on the west side at liberty road no problems. it will be a nice easy ride getting towards 95 or if you are traveling the inner loop up through pikesville and the beltway in parkville at harford road no problems up to 83. that's the abc2 timesaver traffic. everything is back to normal at washington undulles airport after reports of a bomb threat. they searched the daley parking garages last night but didn't
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find anything. they say some arriving flights were held away from the gates until all was clear. and no other details on the investigation are being released. but when we get more information, we will of course keep you posted. 4:33. baltimore family is claiming police brutality after a man died last week following an arrest. officers had anthony anderson senior in custody for allegedly selling drugs. police say he died after swallow the drugs. however, witnesses say he was beaten by officers. a protest is happening this afternoon at 3 at the corner ofmontford and biddle street. family and friends want a independent investigation into anderon's death. another life on chesterfield avenue and police are investigating a murder that happened sunday night in the 3000 block one block away from where the nih researcher was found murdered. he was gunned down last week. the meantime, councilman scott who represents the area says
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that he has spoken to the incoming police commissioner about increasing police presence and police say so far they have few leads in both murders. some people living in carroll county and in a specific neighborhood are nervous after 50 cars were broken into or vandalized. the sheriff's department says more than 1300 dollars in electronics, jewelry and other items were snatched in the hampstead area. one car had a tire slashed and several were pushed from the driveways. one even rolled acrossthe street and hate tree. so far authorities have no suspects. anne arundel county police are trying to figure out who broke into a few cars in one neighborhood. several valuables were stolen over the weekend including a laptop and gps. some of the drivers did admit the cars were unlocked or the windows were cracked open. so right now police are using this opportunity to remind you to leave your windows up and cars locked especially when valuables are in the cars and keep them out of sight in a
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parked car. while you were sleeping amtrak tried to break the speed limit. they started testing trains to reach speeds up to 165 miles per hour. they are running the trains between maryland and massachusetts. now right now the top speed is 150 miles per hour between perryville and trent new jersey 135. amtrak is hoping to safelyly increase the limit to get you to your destination a little sooner. it's a staple in most kitchens. kids love it and want it on everything. we are talking about peanut butter. a recall this morning has expanded raising more concerns for families and the government. sherrie johnson has details and it's bigger than originally thought. >> reporter: question. -- yes. the large-scale recall for valencia peanut butter is for nut butter at stores across the country. this includes almond butter and peanut but theer with flax seed
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sold under archer farms. only trader joe's has been linked to salmonella but the product has been linked to 29 cases of sam nilna in 18 -- salmonella in 18 states. more than 3/4 of those that became ill were children under a 18. there have been reported illness of three cases in massachusetts one in rhode island and one in north carolina many people became sick between june 11th and september 2nd. salmonella can cause diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps 12 to 72 hours after infection. most dangerous to children, elderly and those with weak immune systems. find a list of the recalled items on the website at on the home page. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news time 4:36. this is one of the top stories on we are talking about a 26-year- old man charged after running around the field during the
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ravens game. mark harvey ran around the field before security caught him for a minute e was arrested in april at an orioles game. he is charged with trespassing disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. orioles continue the improper run to the playoffs as the odds a of extra baseball in october. looking pretty good right now. charley is live at the ball park with a look at the birds. >> reporter: you know, no streakers out here this morning, but a group of us from abc2 were at the game here opening day camden yards when the streaker made his way into centerfield. we can relate to that and at that time no one would have imagined what would happen to the orioles. going back in history, 15 years, since they have been in a play off. nower that 92% chance of making the playoffs being one of the three teams in the yankees a's
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and the o's. and it's big news. a crew coming into work was over to catch the light rail but they have stopped by to talk to us. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: now, sissy you've been quiet this morning but when i say you excited about the o's you are quick to chirp up. >> it's very exciting. my aunt took my for my first game and since then i loved eye i love the cheering and rooting them on. i am surprised with them but i love them. >> reporter: love them much. ron you have history going back to memorial stadium. you were a vendor there. >> absolutely. many years ago. he had bad feet and he would walk in his slippers to get a soda and i would you know talk with them during that time. >> reporter: your thoughts on what he happening this season? >> oh, man, it's tremendous. you know, the orioles is the orioles. you know the magic is seeping
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through. and the only thing i can say with them these crucial games the last 8 games you know coming up, if they have d at bats. now we are down to at bats. have patient and it will -- patience and it will come. >> reporter: thanks so much forstopping by. and taking the time to talk to us. have a great day. >> thank you. >> reporter: they split the double-header. a 4-1 win on the day side and 9- 5 loss on the night side. they are a game and half behind the yankees but they have a game and a half lead on the a's. so, odds are with 8 games remaining baltimore in good shape to make the playoffs for the first time in 15 years. for now, let's go back to thestudio with you. >> great to hear people's memories. we will check in with you in bit. it was great weather for the game so people are wondering what about today. >> i got the answer. every one will like it. dry and here's forecast for you. as we go into 7:05 this evening the first pitch, 71.
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nice and dry. wind out of the south at 5 to 10 miles an hour. mother nature will not be playing a factor in the game. that's good news. but for this morning, you are stepping out and about, take the jacket. emets bring at 46. very -- emmettsburg at 46. more of the same in annapolis and denton at 52 right now. and this is what it looks like. satellite and radar not picking up on anything. mainly clear skies. that's what's happening the cold air that we are feeling this morning. we have a warmup on the way. i will show you that coming up. back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. zombies are on the loose in washington state. not really exactly. we will explain what has scientists so scared about an infection that is targeting bees. and the count down has begun. why drivers in california are saying oh not again. details on that straight ahead. >> reporter: 695 here in baltimore national pike is going to be in great shape. i will let you know how traffic is shaping up on 95 and 83 coming up on good morning
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maryland. and jamie costello and i are having a competition to come up with the best orioles cheer go to to vote for me, please. stay with us. much more coming up.
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making news around the nation this morning. a boat capsized near a beach in florida and official want to know where it came from because it overturned and it was carrying nearly 150 pounds of marijuana. people on the beach near jacksonville helped officials carry several large packages of the drugs onshore. and they do believe that the boat belongs to drug muggleers -- smuggleers but they are looking for information. a man in washington state didn't pay too much attention when he found a couple dead bees around his yard it. turns out he had an invasion of dead bees living on his property. they are called zombie bees.
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they had a parasite that causes them to fly at night erratic radcally and die. sound like a -- eradically and then die. they are not sure how the pair side is infested the behive but they are looking into it. you may remember hearing about this transportation officials are saying get ready drivers because it's happening again. crews will be shutting down  part of the 405 this weekend to demolish a bridge. it is called carmageddon part 2. they were told to stay away from the freeway and another bridge is being torn down and they kept the project ahead of schedule and they hope to do the same this time around. hopefully no congestion like that on the road what they see in los angeles. >> yes. there's no traffic like l.a. or new york. >> or new york. >> at lana. >> we are -- atlanta? >> we are pretty lucky. it could be so much worse. so we will check the road and in the meantime, we will talk
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about the weather. a chilly start. >> yes. we are cold to say bundle up but it's cold. bundle up. >> kid waiting at the bus stop. >> and better safe than sorry. let's look at temperatures. look at 41 where i am going. i will start from bottom to top because that's where the coldest temperature is this morning. but i am showing you, make sure you have the coat and the kid neat to -- need to bundle up as they wait for the bus. arbutus at 45 degrees. bowie at 50. and the wind are calm and they will pick up as we go throughout the day and they will be more out of the south so that will begin to warm the temperatures up. so, we have a cold start but we will have a nice and seasonable afternoon. satellite and radar not picking up on anything. that's contributing to the cold start this morning. because we have the radiational cooling and we don't have the blankets to the cloud acting as blearveght to keep us warm. -- blanket glairchghts to keep us warm -- blankets to keep us warm. an air afterhigh pressure in
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control but heading into -- area of high pressure in control but heading into tomorrow, the cold front will move across the area bringing us a chance for showers in the forecast. we will have a wet day on tap. tomorrow is the day you will need the rain gear. future trend not picking up on a whole lot for today. but we see the chance for showers early tomorrow morning and then again as we go into rush hour in the evening. so around 5:00, 6:00 you could use the rain gear. heading into thursday being we dry out briefly but today's temperatures at 75. it will be nice and pleasant. turning cloudy not as cool by tonight and we see the temperatures at 57 degrees. and then as we head through your tomorrow, 80 it will be warmer with showers possible and a check of the seven-day forecast as we love the seven- day. we have all the birds on the seven-day don't we? we will take that even though we have a chance for showers. let's go over to lauren good morning what do you have. >> reporter: good morning. got to love the birds. >> exactly. >> reporter: don't really like the cold mornings though. not a fan of them yet.
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if you are heading out right now, 59 in the white marsh area is going to be -- 95 in the white marsh area is going to be nice and clear. 15 prints from -- 15 minutes from 695 to downtown. once you get downtown tunnels will be in great shape. no problems through the fort mchenry and harbor tunnel going to be very nice and clear. if you are using the harrisburg expressway as we check in and look live outside here in hunt valley at shawan road, nothing to get in are way as you travel towards 695 and once you get on the jfx no problems getting downtown. here's a live look at 695 in overlea a easy ride or outer loof to 83. that's a look at -- loop to 83. that's a look at your timesaver traffic. a special meggs stay of execution hearing in pennsylvania today. terrance william is expected to
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be murder but the man says the convibes was tainted bylaws and misconduct. now several top republicans including mitt romney asked a republican to drop out after about his comments about legit mate rape. health officials in baltimore encourage people to make better lifestyle choices next week. today the mayor is holding a news conference to talk about what is being planned for this year's event. baltimore county wants to be more prepared if another nasty storm like the june. [audio not understandable] the county executive is meeting with emergency personnel to update plans and also look ahead to the upcoming winter storm season. coppin state university starting the rocking the vote campaign one of several rallies taking place. the congressional black caucus
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holding rallies to get people registered to vote. many of us don't like the idea of moving. but, it's also about being held hostage. right now the claim several people made against a moving company in maryland. our abc2 news investigator is working to find out what is going on. plus a pilot program in some new york schools now expanding and it has a lot of parents wondering what is going on. we will tell you about this and how it's raising eyebrows ahead.
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from thanks for joining us this tuesday morning. there are a few things more stressful and time consuming that moving. and we are working this morning to alert you about a possible local moving scammer. abc2 news investigators have been tracking a maryland business for months. abraham owns us is a relocation out of owings mills.
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he is accuse of holding people's -- accused of holding pool's items for ransom. dos of complaints about the company has been made to the federal government. one young lady we spoke with fought the mover for months to get her stuff back after paying up front. >> i i am not going to be a person who pays 5,000 or 8,000 for people who can get over and i am too smart and i am too you know cunning for this and i am not going to let them get away with that. they picked the wrong person. >> he wouldn't go on camera to speak with us. but he does say that he never held people's belongings for hostage. you might wonder how do i not have this happen to myself? what can i do to protect myself. tonight at 5, we will break down the rules to protect yourself and belongings from being held hostage in a moving scam. time for a check on the weather as well as traffic. pretty quiet right now. >> yes. we have the sink hole going on. still, in east baltimore so
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expect traffic problems along monument street. but other than that, i will have a live look at the beltway. >> if you are in your pajamas and sipping your coffee and it's nice and warm enjoy it. >> get a warm beverage like cocoa. >> i said my coffee cup. >> reporter: i am still cold. >> we have chilly temperatures. we are dry. people don't want to see the wet weather. not on a tuesday. but that's coming. that is in the forecat. enjoy today. -- forecast. enjoy today because change is on the way. maryland's most powerful radar and we look at all five sweeps scanning the skies. we will stay dry with plenty of sunshine going through the rest of today. so, we are taking you to the airport and traveling that way this morning, we are looking good. we are looking cold and clear. we can see visibility not a problem whatsoever. wind are calm and the dew point at 44 very dry air once again. and that sunrise at 6:57 and look at the sunset now. we are above 7:00. so the days are getting shorter
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and shorter. pretty soon we will be falling back. we look at temperatures in aberdeen and coming in at 45 degrees right now. the dew point at 45. don't be surprised to see a little patchy fog but all in all, things looking pretty good this morning. the bus stop forecast is chilly bundle the kid up and we will be nice and police eans and sea -- policeant and seasonable. -- pleasant and seasonable. talk about the sink hole lauren cook. >> reporter: east monument street shut down between wolf street and patterson park avenue. if you are traveling in east baltimore, watch out for that and you can use orleans street to get around the detour. traveling on the harrisburg expressway this is north of 695, nothing to get in your way. and it will remain clare -- clear on the jfx. 95 at 395. traffic is moving along no delays through the fort mchenry tunnel. in fact you are looking at the typical 8 minute ride northbound from 695 all the way to

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